Government Name using  OpenAI present:


  • Tested Stable in Browser and Mobile for Chrome
    • Release: Build.63 - 1.24.23

~~~How to Play~~

-Point Click Adventure

Play as either a Thinker or Worker and attempt to climb to the 100th level while racing with leisure or working as a gear in the machine. Reaching the 100th level is win state.

-Game Over Conditions / Bad Ending:

Worker: Having less than -3$ in your account

Thinker: Being beaten in the race

Achievement goals -

  1.  Get more than $66.60 dollars as a worker
  2. Pay off your rent twice as a worker
  3. Run 6 laps in a single race as a thinker
  4. Last for 100 days as either


Bad, and Good
plus a secret for getting all accomplishments and endings


Government Name using  OpenAI present:
In January 2023, for the Gaming Like it's 1927 Gam Jam, this Web-Based Atmospheric  Story Game was created using the Fritz Lang film: Metropolis as inspiration.

Sampling the original score from the creator's personal library and using imagery from the recently open-sourced film from 1927.

Using OpenAI's Dalle and ChatGPT, Government was able to create a project quickly to elevate and focus their creation for this work.

Here are some side by side comparisons of imagery referenced in the the creation of the game :

Scene Description Source: Metropolis 1927 Source: Urbanity 2023
Workers on the Elevator descending to their city
Opening title for thinkers

Over 60 builds were created as a focus was to create a (partial) complete re-telling of an over two hour film's themes and stories in an 15-30min point-click experience as quickly as possible.

With multiple endings and achievements the telling of Urbanity can played repeatedly to uncover it's secret ending.

The story of Urbanity has been told in this homage to Metropolis as your play thorough can be divided into the thinker or worker path

As you play in the work path, you must work to pay rent while facing the constant barrage of fee's and taxes the Urbanity life style levees against it's working class.

Can you earn enough to pay of your rent twice to make it up the electric lift or will your subterranean metro jams leave you out of cash. 


As I worked to create this game, a few themes I felt uncovered that I wished to discuss and provide observations on:

The historic and mystical story of the Golem as a tool and one that curses the creator felt so adept at explaining the relationship experienced with using ChatGPT as a creative partner and tool.

ChatGPT named the project, and provided input and code for every script in this game, but only off the prompts I provided. Any time issues would arise during the development of the game, I would have to wrestle this code creature to help me understand and repair what my first asks created.

~~~Tools Used~~

  • Unity for the Game Engine
    • Visual Studio for IDE
  • Blender for Model Creation
    • Adobe Mixamo for Model Rigging
  • Audacity for Audio editing
  • Dalle-2, Night-Cafe, MidJourney for image generation
  • ChatGPT3 for AI Assistances in code creation


Documentation of Conversation with AI for building the Project:
First Days of Chat and Later Days of Chat


~~~Additional Credits~~


  • Voice Over for Main Menu - The Dusted One
    • all others Government Name
      • CC0 2023
  • Sound Effects from
    • CC0 2023 
  • Original Film:

Thank you for playing, enjoy the experience!

No Rights Reserved 2023

Development log


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Very cool idea to take inspiration from Metropolis. It's one of my favourite silent films! The game seems to work in Firefox.

Congrats on the game jam win for Best Visuals! What's the best email address for me to reach out about the prizes?


Incredible, thank you so much for selecting this work


Reach out @